Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Accolades  
Page 1
Longest killstreak

Most headshots

Most assists

Highest multikill

Most kills

Most kills/Fewest deaths

Most kills/Most headshots

Most kills/Longest killstreak

Highest kill/death ratio

Most damage dealt

Fewest deaths

Most bullet penetration kills

Most paybacks

Most avenger kills

Most rescues

Most longshots

Most kills of higher rank

Most final stand kills

Most execution kills

Most multikills

Most comebacks

Longest life

Most stationary kills

Most tactical insertions prevented

Most explosions survived

Most flashbang hits

Most stun grenade hits

Most knife kills

Most pistol kills

Most grenade kills

Most frag grenade kills

Most C4 kills

Most semtex kills

Most claymore kills

Most throwing knife kills

Most SMG kills

Page 2
Most assault rifle kills

Most rocket kills

Most shotgun kills

Most LMG Kills

Most sniper kills

Most pistol headshots

Most SMG headshots

Most assault rifle headshots

Most shotgun headshots

Most LMG headshots

Most sniper headshots

Most equipment kills

Most scoped kills

Most thermal kills

Most riot shield kills

Most weapon XP earned

Most ADS kills

Most hipfire kills

Most kills of a lower rank

Most kills with enemy weapons

Most time watching kill cams

Most reloads

Most weapon swaps

Most shots fired

Most time spent in one place

Highest average altitude

Lowest average altitude

Most friendlies shot

Most kills of same player

Most weapons used

Most time near enemies

Most classes changed

Most killcams skipped

Most suicides

Most death from behind

Most deaths by shotguns

Page 3
Shortest life

Longest deathstreak

Most stolen kills

Most deaths by riot shield

Most bombs planted

Most bombs defused

Most targets destroyed

Most bomb carrier kills

Most Kills as bomb carrier

Most bombs carried

Most UAVs

Most airstrikes

Most helicopters

Most assault killstreaks used

Most support killstreaks used

Longest distance traveled

Most time spent sprinting

Most time spent crouched

Most time spent prone

Most specialist killstreaks earned

Least damage taken

Longest time holding the flag

Most bullets deflected

Most kills from behind

Most grenades thrown back

Most points captured

Most HQs captured

Most HQs destroyed

Most flags captured

Most flags returned

Most flags carried

Most flag carrier kills

Most kills as flag carrier

Most kills Confirmed

Most Kills Denied